Public Tour: 15USD per person (exclude pick up)

Private tour:
For all private tours, the pick-up is made directly from your hotel or preferred meeting point, provided it is located in the central Phnom Penh area. Transport rates vary depending on location. The tour will end at the pick-up point unless otherwise stated.

Rates for private tours are as follows in USD for a 1/2 day (3 hours) tour; all rates are the total cost, not per person. The range of costs depends on the type of transport chosen and the actual number of guests.
1 guest, $55-60 : $45 for tour + $10 for 2 cyclos, or $15 for a tuk-tuk.
2 guests, $60 : $45 for tour + $15 for either 3 cyclos or for a tuk-tuk.
3 guests, $60-65 : $45 for tour + $20 for 4 cyclos or $15 for a tuk-tuk
4 to 6 guests, $75-85 : $50 for tour + $25-35 for cyclos or $30 for tuk-tuks.
7 to 9 guests, $110-120 : $70 for tour + $40-50 for cyclos or $45 for tuk-tuks.
10 to 12 guests, $155-165 : $100 for tour + $55-65 for cyclos or $60 for tuk-tuks.

Please note:
A cyclo will carry one adult. Tuk-tuks accommodate up to four people, ie three guests plus the guide. Car or mini-bus transport can be arranged: the cost is $25-50 for 1/2 day. For reasons of good communication we divide groups of more than 12 people into smaller groups (ie maximum 12 people per guide). Our cancellation policy is notification 12 hours before the tour, otherwise the full tour fee will be payable.

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