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1-Central Phnom Penh by cyclo
This tour explores central Phnom Penh and includes colonial buildings as well as modern, post-independence architecture. Meant to be a brief historical introduction to the city, the tour includes a selection of well-known buildings as well as some less obvious examples, ie of religious architecture. We explore the district around the old Post Office, then go to the area south-east of the Central Market.

Traveling by cyclo (a Cambodian pedal-powered rickshaw) is a special way of experiencing the streets and buildings of the city. We will enter some buildings and see others from the cyclo, as well as exploring on foot.

The tour normally takes place on the second Sunday of each month, but can be arranged to run at different times on request. Please see ‘Private Tours’ below.
Cost: please check the price page.

2-New Khmer Architecture of the 1960s
The tour explores Phnom Penh’s landmarks designed by Vann Molyvann, Cambodia’s most famous architect. After independence in 1953, a far-reaching cultural and social vision for Cambodia was reflected in the new architecture of the time; uniquely this focused on integrating an international style with local tradition, materials and climate.
Discover the signature features of the 1960s ‘New Khmer Architecture’ movement with a visit to the Royal University of Phnom Penh (Institute of Foreign Languages), Vann Molyvann’s 100 Houses Social Housing project, and the National Sports Complex (Olympic Stadium).
Cost: please check the price page.

3-Four Religions of Phnom Penh
History / Culture / Architecture
This tour focuses on the four religions that have shaped and influenced the inhabitants of Phnom Penh through history: Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Catholicism. We look into the differences and similarities of each religion, how they arrived in Cambodia, evolved in the context of Phnom Penh and the ways each religious group assimilated yet kept its identity of culture and religion.
The tour will visit four sites, each with its own historical background and architectural characteristics: a Buddhist Wat, a Chinese Temple, a Cham Mosque and a Carmelite Chapel. These sites are located in the Central Phnom Penh area near to Post Office Square and on Chruoy Changvar (across the Japanese Bridge).
The tour normally takes place on the first Sunday of each month.
Cost: please check the price page.

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